Heart disease, specifically a heart attack, is the most common cause of death in the western world today. According to government statistics it kills more people than cancer or road accidents.

Medical experts say that arterial clogging is a leading cause of heart disease and heart attacks. Arterial plaque starts building up on the walls of your arteries from the time you are young.

Various factors, including diet, and environmental pollution may be the cause. Additionally, inflammation on the artery walls exacerbates the problem, as fatty particles leech on to the inflamed areas.

Build up of arterial plaque results in narrowing of the channel through which blood flows into the heart, and prevents the normal volume of blood from reaching your heart.

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The heart draws oxygen from the blood, not the lungs, so an oxygen-starved heart can cause severe chest pain (angina), and heart attacks, which can result in death.

A heart attack occurs when arteries bringing blood (and oxygen) to the heart get blocked with plaque. This lack of oxygen damages the heart muscle.

Strokes are caused when the blood supply to the brain is choked off by blocked arteries. Strokes can result in paralysis or death.

Medical science is constantly coming up with new drugs to combat heart disease. There are drugs to lower cholesterol levels in your blood, drugs to thin your blood so that it flows more easily through your veins and arteries, drugs to keep you alive after invasive heart surgery, drugs for chelation, and drugs for various other heart diseases.

Unfortunately, researchers have found that many of the drugs have unwanted side effects. The bonus offered by natural remedies is that they are free of side effects.

And then there is, of course, heart surgery. Heart surgery, though invasive and far from pleasant, may become necessary as a last resort. When heart disease has been allowed to progress too far, few options remain.

Surgery may involve Coronary Bypass surgery, or an Angioplasty procedure, which involves inserting a stent to keep the affected artery open.

However, the preferable option is to avoid reaching the point of coronary bypass or angioplasty.

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Heart disease is very insidious. It creeps up on you. You don’t always know that you have it. You hear of “perfectly healthy” persons, even youthful athletes and fitness buffs, being suddenly felled by a heart attack or a stroke.

You may not even know that you are afflicted until you get a heart attack, or chronic chest pains (Angina).

As always, prevention is the best solution. A proven, natural remedy is to prevent arterial clogging at the outset.

A natural plaque dissolver can help you to avoid becoming another victim of heart disease. So fight heart attack by taking action today, while you still can.

NB: This information is for your interest only, and is not a substitute for professional medical treatment .

Consult your medical practitioner immediately if you have heart disease or any other health problem.

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