Better Vision Naturally with Vision Correction Eye Exercises


Better Vision Naturally with
Vision Correction Eye Exercises


A Natural Vision Correction Method with Unparalleled Success : This vision correction program is designed to strengthen and retrain eye muscles and correct such problems as astigmatism, myopia and presbyopia, based on cutting-edge eye exercises and strategies towards developing 20/20 vision.

In the same way as any other muscle system, the eye muscle system, too, can be trained successfully. Firstly, the eye exercises strengthen the eye muscles. Then the eye exercises retrain eye muscles to alter their point of focus , so the eye lenses can refract light in the correct manner, to enable better vision - 20/20 visual acuity, without the aid of corrective lenses. Retraining of the eye muscles towards achieving 20/20 eye sight is effected through a series of optical drills and eye exercises that stimulate the integral muscles of the eyes in a manner that would never be achieved through normal daily use of the eye muscles. In addition, vision correction and better vision are achieved through special techniques and strategies developed to prevent further deterioration of eye sight in the future.

The key to improve eyesight towards 20/20 and have better vision is the FLEXIBILITY of the eye muscles around your eyes. When you relieve rigidity in and around your eyes - the lens, the muscles and ligaments that surround, squeeze and move the eyes, through eye muscle exercise, the components that contribute to eye sight work in sync to create better vision. Inevitably, with age the flexibility of the eye muscles diminishes and your eye sight begins to fail, unless you take steps to prevent it.

So how do you release years of accumulated tension and rigidity in the eyes in order to increase the flexibility of the eye muscles, and thereby improve your eyesight towards 20/20? Use specially developed eye exercises that effectively improve eyesight within 30 days in a systematic way.

Through regular practice of specific eye exercises, you will learn to develop the critical visual skills you need to improve eyesight - visual acuity / accommodation, vision binocularity / convergence, and central and peripheral vision.

And these EYE EXERCISES will improve your eyesight in minutes per day!

The eye sight problems that can be corrected with this program are:

  • Aging Vision (Presbyopia)
  • Near sight (Myopia)
  • Astigmatism
  • Far sight (Hyperopia)
  • Eye sight Loss due to Computer Strain

It's time to understand some other aspects of having better vision, and why regular practice of eye muscle exercise is so beneficial.

Do glasses and contacts weaken your eyes?
It's no secret that people who wear glasses or contacts often need stronger prescriptions year after year. Glasses are crutches for better vision, but they don't improve eyesight. Eye muscle exercise drills retrain eye muscles for better vision.

What exactly is the Rebuild Your Vision Program?
An eye sight improvement program based on eye exercises, it is the most complete and cutting edge system that is on offer for vision correction. It integrates the most effective, and proven set of eye exercises to guide you effortlessly back to naturally clear eye sight.

The Rebuild Your Vision Program includes:

  • Rebuild Your Vision : The book that makes natural vision correction easy: what it is, how it works, and how you can improve your vision and prevent the deterioration of your eye sight. Rebuild Your Vision gives you the facts, the proof, and a specific 25-minute solution through an easy-to-use, natural vision improvement program.

  • Vision Improvement Exercises: We guide you with over 8 different step-by-step eye muscle exercise descriptions for your daily strengthening sessions, including made-easy illustrations by award-winning artist Vivian Lai.

  • NEW! 3 Customized Training Programs: Your own personal training coach, with customized programs for nearsightedness, astigmatism, and aging vision (all included). Just follow the one that suits your condition, and we will guide you, day by day, minute by minute, to improve eyesight-- fast! Easily record your improvement in the training log to measure your progress.

  • Vision Strengthening Tools: 5 different low-glass laminated charts (including a laminated eye chart for measuring your vision), "stringbeads," a personal eye-patch, and all the other optical exercise tools that you will need to implement the Rebuild Your Vision program in just minutes!

  • Free toll-free support line to specialists who will help you achieve significant!
  • An unconditional 180 day guarantee.
What is its proven track record?
Natural Vision Correction Therapy can dramatically improve eyesight or 100% restore the vision of those suffering from: Nearsightedness. Farsightedness. Aging vision. Astigmatism.
(Source: Bibliography of Near Lenses and Vision Training Research (1997), Optometric Extension Program Foundation)

Is it simple to use?
Yes. It's a simple home study natural vision correction program. In an effortless and methodical way, you'll soon 'see' the changes taking place as you just follow the tips & instructions and do the eye muscle exercise drills everyday.

How long does it take to see results?
If you use the Rebuild Your Vision program for at least 30 days, you'll see astounding changes to improve eyesight. The program's founder, Olin Sorensen, guarantees it! We suggest you measure your progress. Get your eyes tested by your optometrist before and after using The Rebuild Your Vision Program.

Read one opinion:
"In just one week of using the Rebuild Your Vision program I was able to write a check without my glasses for the first time in years. I taught a few of the drills to my husband on a weekend getaway and he was able to read the speedo- meter on our drive home without his glasses. The Rebuild Your Vision program is truly a wonderful tool for anyone to improve their vision." ~ Valerie Nelson, Vancouver, WA

Confidence building guarantee!
We are particularly impressed with the confidence Orlin Sorensen has shown in his natural vision correction program's effectiveness by offering a guarantee that is unmatched by any other similar system. He can only do this because he knows, from personal use and experience, that his vision correction program is 100% effective (94.3% of the time).The Rebuild Your Vision Program comes with a full 6 months guarantee. You can use it for 6 whole months, and return it at the end of 180 days for a full refund (including the postal charges), if you are not fully satisfied.

If you want the joy of improving your vision to the extent of seeing naturally without glasses, learn eye muscle exercise. Try out a set of exercises right now to Improve your eyesight
Find out how thousands are able to improve eyesight thanks to natural vision correction.
The sooner you start the eye muscle exercise therapy the sooner you will have better vision and the ability to read without glasses.

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