Like most people, are you sensitive about the fact that your skin can give away your age?

Take the test below to assess the extent of the damage to your skin. You need to know the weak areas in your facial skin before you can take the required steps to care for your skin! And you must take appropriate action before it's too late.

In the list of alternatives given below each question the one listed last demonstrates good skin tone would ... the way youthful skin is supposed to behave, look or react..

If your skin looks or behaves any other away, consider it a call to immediate action before it deteriorates further.

Select the alternative that applies to you:

* Your forehead has:
deep horizontal and vertical lines / a few horizontal and vertical lines / faint vertical lines between the brows / no lines

These lines need application of an intensely hydrating,
botanical-rich moisturizer which combines Vitamins C
and E with AHAs, BHAs, and pure natural oils to soften
lines and wrinkles, and restore firmness and elasticity.

*Your under-eye skin :
is grayish with a deep crease in the eye-socket / is thin and wrinkled, with lines extending into cheeks /has some tiny crepe paper like lines / is smooth and unlined

The lips and under-eye areas have no oil-producing glands
and need extra hydration. To keep away lines from the
under the eyes area we strongly suggest you use an
under-eye cream made from pure and natural ingredients

* When you apply lipstick, it :
bleeds into the tiny lines above & below the lips/ feathers into the tiny lines above the upper lip / goes on smoothly, and stays within the lip line

'Bleeding' results from breakdown of collagen in the lips.
The newest treatment uses tri-peptides, which promotes
production of natural collagen to plump lips and reduce
wrinkles around lips. Clinical studies have reported that
tri-peptides "plumped up" lips by 40%, on average, and
improved lip hydration by as much as 60%, and reduced
the appearance of furrows around the mouth by up to 30%
after being applied 3 Xs day for 29 days.

* After washing with soap and water, your skin feels:
stretched & a size too small / dry and scaly /smooth and supple
Your skin dries out as you age, so the older you
are the more moisturizing it needs. However, each
skin is different and should have a preventative
regimen customized for it.
Get started before it's too late.

* If you press down on the fleshy part of your cheek:
the indentation takes quite a while to fade / there is a mark, but it fades away quickly / the skin snaps back as soon as you remove the pressure

Its time for the whole 'monty'... cleansing, toning, moisturizing,
exfoliating, nourishing, renewing, to repair and contain the
damage done by time, environment and inadequate care.

*You go sunbathing:
as often as possible, since childhood / occasionally, but never without a sunscreen / never

Skin is very sensitive to environmental factors,
like sun, wind,temperature changes and pollution.
Your skin-care regimen should factor these in. Find
an effective sunscreen with both UVA and UVB.

*You smoke:
habitually since your teens / no, but your friends do / neither you or your friends smoke

Smoking is a no-no. Give it up today!!
It'll age your skin even faster. Smokers
have to be doubly focussed on their anti-aging
regimen. Find a system that focuses on
sloughing off dead cells and skin debris
to enable your skin to renew itself

If you need to repair the ravages of time on a war footing, you can consider a surgical face lift or a Botox injection. However, these procedures are painful and expensive! The good news is that today's futuristic scientific knowledge has devised natural formulae to avoid such extreme treatments.

We know that a radiant beautiful skin is important to you. We believe in professional and proven advice from a doctor in this field.
We highly recommend that you learn all you must know about beautifying aging skin without damaging it. This medical doctor's site can give you the knowledge to transform an ordinary complexion  to one that is beautiful youthful wrinkle-free complexion.

The latest formulae are created with collagen and cell renewing ingredients that work as a natural face-lift, without the need for Botox and other painful surgical procedures. More on the natural face lift here:  

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