The Power of Positive Feelings

You feel powerful and strong. You feel an energy inside you that says "I am here to do something great!" You feel yourself walk into any situation, confident and at peace. You feel successful.

Ah, how good it feels!

Have you ever noticed that we ask each other, "How are you feeling today?" I have never met anyone who asked me, "How are you thinking today John?"

Why is this?

Perhaps it is because how we feel is how we live. If I feel miserable, my life reflects that misery. If I feel confident, then I act confident and I attract into my life that which I desire because I feel I deserve it.

In every moment, you and I feel something. And these feelings we have shape our destiny. Notice I write "these feelings we have". Feelings do not have us; we have feelings.

Most personal development focuses on thinking. Change your thinking and you change your life. I agree, but thinking arises from feeling. If I am holding tension in my body, if I feel tense, then my thinking is shaped by tension. And I react accordingly.

That tension is the result of accumulated thoughts and feelings. And the more thoughts that accumulate, the greater the tension (also known as stress) until ultimately I make myself ill; both physically and mentally.

Positive thinking is a great idea, but it has limitations, does it not? Can you tell me what your next thought will be? Not without thinking about it! And by the time you have come up with an answer your mind has already moved on to something else.

Plus all thoughts are found in the past. One cannot think in this moment. One can only experience this moment and it is this moment and the succession of this moment that make your life. Right now, plus right now, plus right now, equal your life and the results you create.

To make a change in how you experience and what you do with "right now" you must act on the feeling level to make true changes. And by changing how you feel right now, you change your destiny.

We all know of this power. It is a power we are born with that becomes discarded when we are told to stop feeling and start thinking. All limitations exist only in our thinking, yet that is exactly what everyone is telling us to do! Get an education and learn your limits!

If you have ever watched a young child develop, you will notice how they do not accept "no" for an answer. Failure does not stop us until we learn that failure means something bad. We then spend the rest of our life trying to reprogram our mind with clichés about how failure is the foundation of success, but do we really believe it? As children we fall, we hurt, we let the feeling go and we take off running again. As adults we fall, we hurt, and we tell stories about it for the rest of our life to anyone who will listen!

If you want to achieve a breakthrough in any area of your life, stop trying to reprogram your mind and notice how you feel. When you set a goal, notice the feelings that arise for you. Fear? Anxiety? Doubt? They are nothing more than feelings; electro-chemical impulses.

The good news? You can learn to let these feelings go and when you do, your potential has new life and it expands beyond the limits of thought. You feel a new energy when you realize all that prevents you from having all that you desire are these feelings which you have chosen to hold on to because you think, yes you think, they serve you in some way.

No analyzing is necessary, nor programming or re-programming, nor words; just feelings. Powerful feelings.

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