Meditation is a mental process that brings about a state of mind that is calm, clear, and positive. Some of the benefits derived from regular practice of meditation are the ability to:

* Calm your mind naturally and easily while increasing your level of happiness and enjoyment of life!

* Supercharge your energy level and feel great on a day-to-day  basis using only the power of your breath.

* Work with the natural laws of the universe to move yourself toward truly fulfilling life goals.

It is possible to learn meditation in a relatively short period by doing so in a guided manner.

Widely used in the treatment of ailments such as stress related diseases, meditation requires slowing down of the brain waves to induce a tranquil sate of mind. When the mind and body are both at rest the human body is able to produce manyof the important substances critical for good health, vitality, longevity and quality of life.

Meditation is also widely used to calm the brain and to treat insomnia.

Unfortunately, as we age we find it more difficult to get the minimum hours of sleep, and also experience a higher level of anxiety - which leads to more stress. These factors accelerate the aging process and lead to the development of many ailments associated with aging - and a further loss of youthful vitality and well-being.

However, research shows that it's possible to induce a state of deep restfulness whenever you want, and so ensure that your body does not lose the ability to produce these vital substances as you did when you were much younger. Using similar principles of mental and breath control it is also possible to induce a meditative state, and so reap the benefits of meditation both physically and mentally.

Roshmi and I meditate everyday without fail, and we have been doing so regularly for the last few years. If you really want to dramatically accelerate your mental, emotional, and spiritual growth meditation is the way to go. We highly recommend this program which teaches you to meditate in a graded manner and with fast results - Instant Meditation.

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