(For Those Interested in Self Help)

"When the time is right, the teacher appears........"

Self Help is easy in concept. In practice, however,it works best if you work with teachers who can keep you motivated at every step. The better the teacher, the more you can tap into your own natural abilities. If you believe in self help & want to teach yourself, you can't do better than to acquire the following 'teachers' and/or aides/aids (pun intended):


Learn & Practice Mind Control : Are you ready to acquire and maintain self-esteem, security, lasting happiness, health, well-being and success during these challenging and uncertain times? If you answered yes, you will learn, from the most powerful program in the world, how to tap into your natural ability to immediately release any unwanted thoughts or feelings. Let go of anxiety, stress, fear of the future, and be successful now.

A powerful method of Self Help

Learn & Practice Meditation: Meditation has helped millions throughout the world. It is considered to be a cornerstone of any holistic healing and wellness program, but many find it difficult to practice. However, there is a program that makes it possible to easily enter deep levels of meditation without any previous training. An Instant Meditation program based on cutting edge sound technology, can dramatically improve your learning ability, memory, intuition, creativity, and your ability to focus, concentrate and think more clearly.

Turn Back the Biological Clock :
This Anti-Aging Video demonstrates a remarkable technique from Tibet, high in the Himalayan Mountain foothills, that causes the body to release natural anti-aging hormones. This technique has worked wonders for thousands worldwide. It is easy to practice, and requires just minutes daily. Restore your youthful appearance, health and energy within weeks. The Tibetan Technique.

Body for Mind - Wellness Lifestyle | Fitness Program
Boost your energy, skyrocket your sex drive, lose weight without diet, get fit, sculpt your body, sharpen your brain, look and feel years younger and attract anyone you want by following mind and body transformation resources.

Suffering from Arthritis? Combat the disease, and effectively stop the pain. This remedy is claimed to be the #1 recommendation by doctors. It also works on pets. No Side Effects.
Glucosamine is a very promising treatment for Arthritis and is backed by numerous double-blind, placebo-controlled studies. In these studies, Glucosamine has been shown to rehabilitate cartilage and reduce the progression of osteoarthritis, and significantly lessen pain from arthritis. However, one glucosamine product can be very different from another. This one comes highly recommended. The
Syn-flex Treatment.

Empower yourself with knowledge! You are never too old to learn. If you don't have the time to read, subscribe to a digital audio program that you can listen to wherever you are, and whenever you have a spare moment. Turn wasted hours into time for learning.

We already know how handy an Apple iPod can be, but do you know my favourite use for it? People like us, who love to read but are always short of time, would love this gift, which is the best alternative. Subscribe to a program of digital audio that you can listen to anytime, anywhere. Over 18,000 audio programs are available, including digital audio books, audio magazines, newspapers, radio programs and more. It's possible to download and listen on your iPod, (or Palm Handheld, Pocket PC, Audible Otis MP3 player, your computer or on CDs you burn yourself).

Give someone this gift and you make it possible for them to hear a best seller in the car; take in an audio newspaper on their commute; laugh out loud with a comedy at the gym; keep their minds alert and agile. A wonderful gift!

Brain exercise tool
Supplement knowledge with mental agility. Your brain cells need to be constantly worked in new ways to keep them flexible and young. Engage in tasks and games that challenge the brain.

"The Journey to Wild Divine is much more than a game; it's a tool for the Mind-Body work we value. It certainly has proven so with me - and it's a hit with my patients. It's an outstanding product and since it's amazingly inexpensive, I encourage my patients to use it as home practice. It's complex and challenging enough that no one has gotten tired of using it."

Thomas M. Brod, MD, Sr. Fellow, BCIA,
American Board, Psychiatry & Neurology
Buy The Journey to the WildDivine

Sleep is invaluable: Take every step to ensure you get rest, and in adequate amounts. This very special Underquilt will make sure that yours
is a comfortable bed you can sink into for undisturbed sleep.

just over $200 (inclusive of shipping), may not fill you with happiness, but if you, or someone close to you, has problems sleeping, investing in a Cuddle Ewe™ Underquilt (which comes in a number of sizes) would be money well spent. And, believe me, you'd be very happy to get such restful sleep, night after night!

The secret is its construction from natural all wool fibres, which keep you warm when the temperature drops and cool in hot climates. The portable model, the Cuddle Ewe Travel-Ewe™, is designed to travel with you, weighs only 10 lbs. and fits neatly into its own heavy duty tote bag, and at 30"x73", fits any sized bed. It ensures deep restorative sleep by providing distribution of the body weight away from tender points and sensitive joints, so alleviating muscle discomfort, tender points and morning stiffness. Click on the link below for more information.
Cuddle Ewe Travel-Ewe? ( )
Read more on the health benefits of sleep.

Develop your senses! Do you see the colors around you, the shapes that exist in nature? Learn to see the world around you as an artist does. There is so much beauty around us, but we hardly ever notice it.


Finding happiness is an integral part of Self Help.
Find New Friends
The adage says that man is a social animal (and, we all know it to be the truth). It follows, then, that you can't be happy without friends and social inter-action. If you find yourself short in this area, Self Help principles would urge you to actively extend your field of contacts and acquaintances. Who knows, you may even find Love



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