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Factors that determine Lifetime Fitness


The secret to being ageless is closely interlinked to 'Living Healthy'. Good health, a positive attitude, youthful appearance and happiness are by-products. If you choose to do what is necessary, you choose to live a long and satisfying life full of good health and good cheer.
And, find the Fountain of Youth, as well.

Exercise, and more exercise. Exercise is the one age prevention factor that all experts agree upon. Exercise is the panacea to most ailments, and an amazing number of age-related maladies can be kept at bay, and even cured, by exercise alone.

If you are bed-ridden, even wiggling your toes in a systematic, rhythmic way (combined with breath exercise) can provide invaluable results. For everyone whose feet can support them, walking is a basic and enjoyable form of exercise but, to be effective, a steady pace should be maintained for a duration of a minimum of 20 minutes. For those interested in consciously promoting their health and wellness, we favour and use the Tibetan Rejuvenation Technique, which is an exercise regimen developed to activate hormonal secretions of the body. It can be tailored to challenge different levels of physical fitness, from the most sedentary to the most athletic. Click here for details.

Until the 1930s, exercise was a way of life for people in most of the world, including North America. Walking was an integral part of daily life. Household chores included maintaining large gardens, chopping wood, mopping floors etc. So there was no need to consciously introduce other movement oriented activities into one's daily life. By the middle of the 20th century, lifestyle in the developed countries became so appliance oriented that heart disease was endemic.

Today, it is absolutely essential to introduce some kind of daily exercise ritual into our lives. And the exercise regimen has to be carefully selected so as not to over-tax our systems, or create boredom.

Activities considered safe for older people include, walking, swimming, bicycling, and any type of rhythmic exercise performed at a moderate pace. But, please check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Maintenance of Weight at normal level. Yo-yoing with weights and diets damages your body's metabolic map. Select what works for you, and stick to it. The way to lose weight, and to maintain correct muscle to fat body mass ratios, is to exercise more and to eat less. Researchers confirm that the developed world eats far more than it needs to, from the nutritional point of view.

The healthy and ageless look is lean and wiry, not rotund and flaccid.

Food for Nutrition as well as taste (and for thought). Avoid eating too much sugar, 'bad' fats, and processed foods that are high in preservatives. Stick to a diet consisting of high fiber, fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains and fish. Seafood, rich in fatty fish oils, is highly recommended. We ourselves are rather partial to some gourmet foods, such as Lobster, Caviar and Smoked Salmon, and indulge ourselves on special occasions without guilt. An occasional portion of meat, say, twice a week, is acceptable too. Roshmi and I are great believers in The Zone Diet propounded by Barry Sears Ph.D. which advises frequent (every 4/5 hours), but planned, meals made up of foods balanced for their nutritional and health imparting properties. The most current diet theories recommend that 'good' fat should comprise about 20% of the total calories ingested.

Water. Drink as much as you comfortably can. But make sure its boiled and filtered water.

Alcohol should be consumed in moderation. A glass of wine daily is actually good for you, and is recommended. However, heavy drinking can cut down your life-span by years. And it systematically kills off brain cells. If your chosen tipple is beer, you can make sure that it is free of preservatives and that it has a lower alcohol content, by brewing it yourself.
Click here for details on how you can brew your own beer.

Adequate Sleep is essential for good health. Your cells can regenerate only while you sleep. Some hormonal secretions can take place only when you are in the deep delta 3 and 4 of NREM sleep. If you can't sleep, you must take corrective steps. Our page on 'sleep' has more information on this subject. Click here for details.

Laughter IS the best medicine. Laugh, and the world laughs with you....... (there was some sense in those old homilies).

Learn to laugh at yourself and your own foibles. Laughter has positive therapeutic benefits in promoting health and long life because the act of laughing

  • unleashes a sequence of reactions to energize the body
  • releases tensions, relaxes muscles, oxygenates the brain
  • stimulates the body's electro-magnetic flow.

Laugh as often as you can, and as much as you can, for a long and healthy life. For more ways to bring happiness to yourself, click here

Sexuality: Regular sexual activity with one permanent partner has been estimated to extend life expectancy by at least two years. Almost all healthy ageless people enjoy regular lovemaking until the end of their days. Hormonal changes may affect sexual appetite and desire, while changes in metabolism may translate to physical inability. Practice of The Tibetan technique will ensure that you maintain your vitality and stamina.
However,as you age, there is a reduction in the natural lubrication released by your body, which may cause discomfort. It's easy to solve this problem without embarrasment.

If you find yourself without a loving partner, remember that there may be other like-minded singles out there, perhaps looking for you

Senses should be honed. Enjoy life's pleasures! However, to do so the senses have to be kept sharp with constant and consistent use. Look after your eyes, ears and teeth. Get the best treatment you can afford when you need it. If you're afraid that you won't be able to afford the best, plan from it from now. Compare various dental and health plans here. Since we believe in preventive care, we ourselves have been using a course of eye exercises and palming, and still have no need for glasses/contacts.

Forget Retirement. Work makes us who, and what, we are. For many, work is life and life is work. An 11-year investigation conducted in the U.S. by the National Institute of Health, of 600 possible variables that contribute to longevity, found that the degree of job satisfaction is the greatest single factor affecting longevity. Many people who retire at the age of 65, die shortly thereafter unless they are able to pick up some meaningful hobbies, or volunteer work, or change occupations.

Money. Joblessness, or the inability to get suitable work, is totally corrosive. This point is extremely relevant in today's milieu, when the population is aging, but the 50 plus age group is facing extreme age-related discrimination in the jobs market-place, despite their expertise. Under the circumstances, there is no option but to strike out on one's own and use one's own ingenuity to generate income.
Click here to learn how to manage your financial traumas

Learn the Art of Relaxation and Minimizing Stress. Listed below are some no-cost ways of keeping stress levels at minimal level:

  • Make the present moment count.

  • If you can't focus on more than one thing at a time, don't try

  • Learn to say "no" to demands that stress you out.

  • Develop time management skills

  • Be selective of how you use the 24 hours you have each day

  • Spend some time alone each day to think and introspect.

  • Look at life as a learning experience. Every peak and trough teaches us something new.

  • Meditation techniques balance the Chakra system, and are very effective stress busters.

Nutritionals: Medical experts agree that it is not possible to obtain the necessary balanced nutrition from our everyday diet, unless we are willing to buy expensive organic products.
Crops today grow in soil depleted of their natural nutrients and loaded with artificial fertilizers. So one has to depend on vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure good health and a strong immune system. Flax seed oil, Folic acid, Omega 3 oils, vitamins B, C, D, E, Saw Palmetto, L-Carnitine, Garlic and CoQ10 are some of the ingredients that we ourselves take as supplements to our normal diet. Only remember that while thousands of brands are available, some are superior to others. Click here to learn more.

Regular consultations with your doctor must be factored into your schedule. Treatment may also become necessary in cases of intense pain from Arthritis, requiring immediate relief (applies to pets, too). Click here to learn more about Syn-flex, effective pharmaceutical grade liquid glucosamine arthritis treatment.

Aim to stay Mentally Active throughout life. A series of studies shows that an active mind keeps one young. At all socio-economic levels, intelligent people tend to use their minds actively and constantly all of their lives. Although the mind ages more slowly than any other organ, without constant use it can atrophy, and our memory would begin to fail. However, there are systems designed to stimulate thinking patterns and to keep the brain well oiled. The Sedona Method helps bring about the mental conditioning that is necessary to lead a long, 'youthful' and healthy life. In fact all of the following mental features are related to positive thought control, and the Sedona Method will help you to gain them.
Click here to learn how to maintain mental and emotional balance

Thinking Young. You are as old, or young, as you think of yourself as being! The ability to have the self-image of a younger person is a characteristic of those who are ageless. Mix freely with persons younger than yourself, and you will soon consider yourself as one of them! Thinking young includes retaining your youthful enthusiasm for life. Challenge yourself, but have fun while doing so. To try out a challenging computer game recommended by experts on mind-body balance, such as the Dalai Lama and Drs Deepak Chopra & Thomas Brod, click here.

A Strong Self-Image. Think about your strengths and forgive yourself the weaknesses. Believe in yourself, your life, and your personal dreams. Be confident and optimistic about the future. Feel good about yourself, and you will feel good about other people and about life itself. Maintain an enquiring mind; there is nothing like knowledge to make yourself look good in your own eyes as well as those of others. If you don't have time for reading, keep up with the news, current events, literature, et al by way of digital audio which you can hear in your car, at work, on the move. For more details, click here:

Discipline. Unless you introduce some element of order in your life, you will not be able to make time to fit in all the components for a full and fulfilling existence. Early to bed, and early to rise...... will ensure production of healthy levels of HGH and Melatonin by your pituitary gland. You will look and feel more youthful all your life.

Positive Thinking. Fear, anxiety, depression and worry are killers that affect you both physically and mentally. Maintaining a youthful enthusiasm for things new and different promotes the learning curve.
There are scientific ways, such as the Sedona Method, to jettison your emotional baggage, and some of us may need to use these.

Companionship. People live healthier and longer lives in the presence of close and loving relationships. Studies from around the world show that loneliness is a major threat to good health and long life. Relationship is an art that can be honed.Sedona can help in this area as well!

Smoking. Smoking two packs a day cuts seven years from the normal life span. Passive smoking is just as damaging, so make your home a no smoking zone. If you would like help to kick the habit, take advantage of Sedona's Free Tape Offer by clicking on the tape at the bottom of this page.

A little bit more about some of the systems we recommend:

The Sedona Method: We recommend this highly scientific system, contained in 10 audiocassettes. You will feel much better about yourself and life in general, start making positive decisions, be more in control of your life, have better relationships and, in general, experience significant improvement in your life. The specifics for each individual vary widely because each of us has our own unique experiences, goals and life circumstances. Once you discover how to release, your inner self begins to blossom in many exciting ways.

Sedona Method Free Tape Click here

The Tibetan Technique:
This comprises a set of five simple yoga-like exercises devised centuries ago by Tibetan monks that, over a period of time of regular practice, transforms you into a much younger-looking, vigorous and healthy person. This is achieved by naturally stimulating your hormonal glands to produce more hormones. No drugs or stimulants! You will relive your youth in your mature years. Click here details.


The HoloSync Program: Holosync audio technology creates what could be described as "high-tech" meditation. This high-tech approach creates a dramatic acceleration in the results you gain from your meditation practice, and you go "deeper" very much faster. An excellent stress reliever! We use it daily.
Click here for details:

Syn-Flex Breakthrough Osteoarthritis Treatment : Fast acting, high-quality formula ends arthritis pain, rebuilds cartilage, protects joints, and actually treats the disease. Includes: Liquid Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate, Boswellin, Bromelaine, Yucca, Omega 3 & 6, Vitamins A, C, E (11 important nutrients in addition to glucosamine).
Click here for details


Vision For Life Program: We use this program ourselves.
It is a home-based, natural vision improvement program designed to help aging vision, nearsightedness, farsightedness, computer eyestrain and astigmatism. In addition to the eye exercises, the program also addresses special techniques for preserving eye health and vision for the future. We are particularly impressed by the testimonials of those who have used the program, and the extent of improvement they experienced in, amazingly, just a few days. Also impressive, is the personal guarantee extended by the founder: a full refund will be given (inclusive of postal charges), even after SIX months of use. We don't know of any other similar product which offers such a confident guarantee.

Improve Your Vision Naturally Without Glasses, Contacts, or Surgery! Click Here To Find Out More...



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