It is an accepted fact in the scientific community that the brain does not decline with age. While this is so, it is also known that deterioration can set in rapidly if the brain is not used and 'exercised' in the correct manner. In fact, neuroscientists are of the opinion that the brain, can be pumped up in the same way as any other subjecting it to a regimen of exercises that will develop it.

What is even more interesting is the thinking that it is possible to develop different lobes of the brain by subjecting it to different kinds of exercises. In the same way that crunches build up the abs, whereas squats develop the thighs, so do too different types of challenges activate different parts of the brain. You can't use the same set of exercises to develop all the muscle sets ... they just would not have the desired result.

The Journey to Wild Divine is the first inter-active computer game to combine ancient breathing and meditation exercises with modern biofeedback technology for total mind-body wellness.

Read through the testimonials below from some well-known authorities on holistic well-being and wellness.

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"The Wild Divine is helping to transform our mass consciousness to one of peace and harmony through a very practical program that allows people to get in intimate touch with the innermost core of their being. To know that they have more power than they have ever realized, to know that they can influence what is happening in their body, in their mind, in their emotions, as well as in the world that they create everyday."

Deepak Chopra, M.D.
Author of the new release,
The Book of Secrets


ďThe Journey to Wild Divine trains people to think and feel in new ways. To be more creative, more imaginative, and to inspire to a much larger awareness, one that is superbly equipped to deal with the complex changes of modern life.Ē

Jean Houston, Ph.D.,
Author, The Possible Human

"The Journey to Wild Divine is more than a game, itís a tool for the Mind-Body work we value. It certainly has proven so with me Ė and itís a hit with my patients. Itís an outstanding product and since itís amazingly inexpensive, I encourage my patients to use it as home practice. Itís complex and challenging enough that no one has gotten tired of using it."

Thomas M. Brod, MD, Sr. Fellow, BCIA,
American Board, Psychiatry & Neurology

Researchers and scientists are on a never-ending quest to unravel the mysteries and complexities of the brain. For information on lifestyle factors that govern the health and wellness of the whole body, including the brain have a look at our page here: Recommendations on lifestyle factors that affect health and aging

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